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Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thank you for joining me at Rising Son Falling Tide. I shall always remember a WWII veteran and influential US Congressman (a personal family friend) who was asked his opinion of the most significant event that occurred in history. He responded, “without any doubt – the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; it eternally changed the direction of the world forever.” Rising Son Falling Tide is my humble attempt to share my reflections on this wise statement – the eternal impact of God’s living presence among us. Primarily through my sermons and other reflections, I hope that we will continue to make the connections and receive the relationship that I believe God desires to have with each and everyone of us. To get started on Rising Son Falling Tide, click here. Please join me in the conversation; otherwise, it will be a lonely journey. Become a part of the Rising Son as we experience the Falling Tide of daily living.

Random Things about me: I am an ordained Episcopal Priest, currently residing in Greenville, Alabama with my wife Jackie and our two Scottish Terriers who are certain that they run our life. Our two daughters are now “women.” I am a ninth generation Floridian (Pioneer) who has lived a blessed life as part of a wonderful Northeast Florida family. Some of my life experiences include serving as mayor of a community of 21,000, co-founding a Blues Music Festival, and working as a General Contractor. My personal interests include a passion for anything involving saltwater, blues music, and enjoying God’s creation in the outdoors.

Rising Son Falling Tide will hopefully provide a glimpse of these experiences coupled with my passion for life and the relationship that God has provided me through the Son Jesus Christ.

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