Pray Worship Serve

Pray Worship Serve was conceived by the Reverend Christopher H. Martin, author of The Restoration Project: A Benedictine Path to Wisdom, Strength and Love. You can purchase a copy of his book from Forward Movement Publications here. Pray Worship Serve was initiated in 2014 by Martin and other clergy/churches around the United States as a Lenten discipline. You can find more information about that effort here.

Pray Worship Serve is an invitation to observe and engage in the rhythm of Christian life by committing to praying 20 minutes per day, worshipping one hour per week and serving those in need 5 hours per month. On the surface, this seems like it should be an obvious practice for believers and seems “doable.” The challenging reality is that most of us are not engaged at this level and if one is not accustomed to this practice, it will take time to cultivate this intention and awareness. The following pages are intended to serve as a resource of encouragement for developing and/or maintaining praying, worshipping and serving as a part of the rhythm of daily living.

Read this first for more information on 2015 PWS: FAQ’s

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