What does Rising Son Falling Tide mean?

Rising Son Falling Tide is intended to be a reflection of Jesus’ involvement in and reconciliation of the world and God’s interaction with humanity from the beginning of time and to eternity.

Rising Son represents the Incarnate nature of God. The Rising Son is fully human as Jesus of Nazareth and fully Divine as the Son of God. Jesus becomes the Rising Son fully on the Third Day after his crucifixion and death. The day of Resurrection inaugurates not only the gift of eternal life but more importantly God’s reconciliation with the world. Each and every follower of the Rising Son is provided the promise of living as one with the Resurrection and a personal relationship with Jesus. For followers of the Rising Son, Jesus’ Resurrection provides meaning in every aspect of life, from birth to death and every experience in-between. Rising Son is the expression of God’s ultimate victory that was accomplished through Jesus in the midst of our fallen humanity, a time to celebrate the reality and depth of God’s love for us.

Falling Tide represents the human aspect of our relationship with God – to reflect upon the human reality that from the time we are born, we experience the many challenges and blessings of earthly living. There are myriad metaphors that one can use to describe this but for me, Falling Tide brings with it mystery and at the same time, unique hope and promise. The ocean tides are dependent on the Sun and the cycle of the moon; tides are predictable but not ever exact. A Falling Tide brings swifter and slower currents at different times in the lunar cycle and all of nature responds to the moon’s relationship to the earth.  At times, the tide neither ebbs or flows, my uncle used to call it a “slack tide”; sometimes we find ourselves in a state of slack as well. The Falling Tide draws nutrients and living organisms out of a stable place and supplies larger organisms with opportunity for health and growth. Once a Falling Tide has completely subsided, the sun and the air activate a biological decomposition process that ultimately turns dying or dead organic material into mud; the fertile mud ultimately replenishes and inspires new growth for new grasses and critters. Such is the influence of the Falling Tide – as much as it takes away, each Falling Tide invites death and new life.

Rising Son Falling Tide in it’s deepest sense represents the intersection and interaction of God through with humanity and the created world and will hopefully provide opportunity for you to witness the incarnate God (Jesus) working with you and in you. Through the written word that is often preached in Rising Son Falling Tide, I hope and pray that you will be encouraged to reflect upon your unique relationship with Jesus and that you will have hope for a growing relationship with the Rising Son as you experience the cycle of life found in the Falling Tide.


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